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In India the financial figures for the 2002 cotton growing season have
finally been crunched. Although Monsanto convinced many of India's
farmers that buying the more expensive GE cotton seeds would result in
higher yields and better cotton, the reverse is actually true. Crop
yields for GE cotton were 5 TIMES LESS than traditional Indian cotton
and the income from GE cotton was 7 TIMES LESS than conventional cotton
due to Monsanto's cotton having lower quality short fibers. As a result
of the insurmountable deluge of debt accrued from paying more for the GE
seeds and having a cruddy crop, more than 70 Indian farmers have
committed suicide in the last three months.
Scientists are trying to raise public attention about the fact that
global overuse of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide is leading to weed
resistance. "Farmers are planting too many Roundup Ready crops," said
Stephen Powles, an expert on weed resistance at the University of
Western Australia. Mark VanGessel, a weed scientist at the University of
Delaware spoke of the Roundup (glyphosate) pesticides saying, "My gut
reaction is that we do need to limit the use of glyphosate-resistant
crops." In response to the issue that farmers are purchasing and
applying a toxic chemical that is no longer working, Monsanto
spokesperson Greg Elmore said people are overreacting. In other Roundup
news, Denmark officially banned the pesticide this month, saying the
toxic chemical is not breaking down in the soil and, as a result, is
polluting their water at a level that is 5 times what is considered safe
for the environment and human health.

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